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Everything You Need To Know About How to Make a Macrame Mug Rug

Macrame Mug Rug Hello Creative Crafters! This week I made a macrame mug rug. Macrame is fun and relaxing. So many options. My video below shows how to make the mug rug and then come back to read about how to finish it up below. Enjoy! Everything You Need to Know About How to Make a Macrame Mug Rug To Finish it up: After you have your ten rows of knots, measure 3" (inches) down from the last row of knots. Cut all your cords at the 3" (inch) mark. For the top, cut just under the knots that are attached on the 10" (inch) cord that your mug rug is attached too. Toss any extra cut cords and your 10" (inch) piece. Depending on what you prefer, leave the cords as they are, untwist the cords as I have done in the picture, or purchase a macrame comb in your local craft store and comb out the ends for a fuzzy look. I'd love to see how your mug rugs came out, feel free to post your pix. :-)

Done!!! Ocean Wreath #2 is ready to view

 Hello Creative Crafters! Here is the second wreath I mentioned I was going to make. It came out really cute. I hope you will try your skills at making a wreath for your home or office. It is a quick craft (once you have all the supplies you need) and fun. See you this Friday! Denise

Creating Crafty Things is on.....

YouTube now! Just another way to see my videos in case you can't view them from my B/Vlog.

Down by the Sea Shore

Learning to Decorating A Wreath Can Be Addictive. Here's How You Can Get Yourself Hooked

It's week #2 for my blog.  I hope everyone liked making Pom-poms last week, they are pretty fun.  I found myself making a few during the week. This week is another basic craft. I decorated a wreath & it is ocean themed. The You Tube link is below and incase you don't have YouTube, I uploaded the video in a separate post for you to view. Enjoy and can't wait to post again next Friday! Denise Down By The Sea Shore - Decorating a Wreath

It's Launch Day!

It's launch day. I have my first video ready to post, but I haven't figured out how to compress it yet so I can post through Blogger.  However I have posted the video on my Facebook, Instagram & YouTube pages. Go check it on out. Making PomPoms Video