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Hey Creative Crafters! I’ve got a small delay in posting my next project. I’m working on it. Should have it posted for you by Sunday. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Denise

I'll Be Back Next Week

Hi Creative Crafters! The week got away from me with some personal stuff going on, but I will be back next week. Ready to go with a new project. Have you tried any of the projects I demonstrated yet? If you did, I'd love to see your completed projects.  Post the here, on FaceBook or Instagram. See you next week. Happy Crafting! Denise

Here Comes 'Freeway' * Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Hey Creative Crafters! This weeks project was a fun one, I think. String art is a new an up and coming craft. I learned to make my first one at a Pinners Conference last year (2018). It was in the shape of a heart. Once I was done I had a tone of ideas for more. you go. (I am adding more pink yard/string to my bunny...I will post a picture when I am done). Click to view video: Did you can follow me on FaceBook, Instagram, & YouTube? Yep! It's true! You really can. Just search for Creating Crafty Things and look for my logo (scissors & a heart).  I'd love to have you join me on this fun journey some people call crafting. * 'Freeway' - he was the name of a miniature rabbit I had when I was a kid. Source/Credit: Support Ikson h

You Will Never Think That Learning WOOD BURNING Could Be So Beneficial! But It Is!

Hello Creative Crafters! A couple of weeks ago I showed you how to wood burn and will be showing you 'how to' again. But this time I am doing it with a new wood burning tool.  It is called a Creative Woodburner by Walnut Hallow. It is a very different set up than my other wood burning tool I showed you on my first wood burn project. The tips are easy to remove while the tool is on/hot and it is a lot of fun using it. Happy Crafting! Denise Wood Burning Can Be So Beneficial!

On A Lite Note This Week

Hello Creative Crafters! On A Lite Note This Week (sorry for the delay in posting this week) I am showing you around my craft room. This is where all the craft magic happens. Well, maybe it's not magic, but it is definitely where all the craft happiness is for me. I hope you enjoy seeing and hearing about my craft room. Please comment below if you have any questions. Happy Crafting and I will see you next week. Video link:   On A Lite Note This Week - Showing You Around My Craft Room