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Mindfully Crafted

Hey Creative Crafters!

It's Friday and I am feeling better from being sick and back from out of town. I will be starting on our next project in a few days. I have been taking a college class while getting my blog up and running. I have two more weeks. One assignment is due this Sunday and my final exam is due by next Sunday. Good thing it is open book!

I hope you will take a few moments and read the article below. It gives you some insight as to why I am doing this blog.  I hope you enjoy it and please comment. Let's break the stigma of mental illness! It's ok to have it and talk about it. Crafting is just one of many things you can do to help you through those rough days.

Happy Crafting!

Credit: Missy Diaz - Blog Post Gal

Mindfully Crafted: How My DIY Projects Create A Better Me

Are you a crafter? Maybe you create your very own soap at home or you knit, crochet, bake up batches of candles or any other craft - that creatives love to make. If this describes you and we hope it does - do you also tend to suffer from some degree of depression? It’s been noted by many in the medical field, that art and various DIY projects can help with symptoms of depressionalong with anxiety.

I think the best thing about DIY crafting is the creative aspect; as really you’re only limited by what your wild and adventurous imagination can conjure up. Right? Some of my all time fave crafters are bakers; those who come up with the most impressive creations that make your jaw drop in total awe over their unbridled creativity. Not too mention the mouth watering awesomeness their dishes inspire.

Sure crafting can also be functional, as many who create products then go on to sell them; whether in person or online. Basically the hobby turns to profit. Sweet.

But aside from the creative, fun and functional side to DIY crafting; there’s another aspect - the curative aspect. As it relates to mindfulness and how it can and has helped many with gaining a better sense of self. Let’s dig a little deeper and see just how DIY crafting truly helps people.

 How DIY Crafting Truly Helps People

1.  Mindfulness

Crafting can help with mindfulness which is the state of being attuned to what you’re doing and feeling at the moment. In other words; it’s a great way to be in the moment and not focusing your attention elsewhere. Such as with worries, issues and problems. Whether you’re creating string artor macrameto wood burning; all these DIY projects can ease and keep your mind to the task at hand. Not too mention, your creative flow gets better and better the more time you invest in your art project. This is one the many reasons that therapists prescribe (#art) to those who struggle with depression or anxiety - it’s a healthy, low cost and easily accessible way to deal with life's many ups and downs.

2.    Meditation

When you’re creating and in the middle of your art activity; a sort of meditation can take over. Which is similar to mindfulness; except with meditation - the doing is what differentiates the two. When you’re mindful, you’re basically tuning your mind with a sort of laser like focus on a specific something; but when you’re meditating the activity itself is what transcends you into a state of calm and relaxation. The two help with achieving a desired state of zen - for lack of a better word - but just remember one is a state of mind; while the other is a state of doing something. That’s a good way of separating the two and how they differ.

3.   Stress Reduction -

There are so many DIY project ideasout there that help people with stress reduction including photography, knitting, crocheting, painting, string art, wood burning, macrame, adult coloring, stenciling, etc. There’s no right or wrong choice here, whichever is the one you most gravitate towards for whatever reason is the one you should try. The point here isn’t perfection and winning some sort of prize for your excellent art piece. The goal is to achieve a desired state of mind (such as calm) and a desired state of relaxation (such as less physical tension in the body)or reduced anxiety.

Give one or a few of these a try if you’re looking to get more calm into your life. You can try something easy to learn such as adult coloring to something with a bit more of a learning curve like digital photography. It really doesn’t matter which creative pursuit you decide to try; choosing one to begin with to heal and feel better is the goal.

I know for myself (writing) is my #creative outlet and even though (as with most writers) can also conjure up a tad of stress; it can and does also alleviate it. When we don’t take it too seriously and just let it flow naturally and let it go where it needs to go. It’s incredibly rewarding, fun and a great mindfulness practice.

How about YOU?What helps you get centered and reach this state of mind called “calm”. What art/hobby/activity do you practice? When? Where? Tell me below in the comments. We want to hear all about it. Please share!