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Halloween / Fall Door Decor / Wreath

Hey Creative Crafters! My apologies for the looooooooong delay in posting. I have no excuses other than life gets busy. Today I posting pictures on how to make a Halloween / Fall Door Decor / Wreath. This project was pretty quick, all in all it probably too me about a half a day to make. The items you need and how to make it are marked under each picture. Enjoy! Sorry for the funky spacing on the web site. It doesn't show in my blog post editor. Wired ribbon - use multiple colors, patterns, and sizes 7" Embroidery hoop Wrap hoop with ribbon or paint Cut ribbon 12" or longer - your desired length Fold ribbon in half Place under hoop Pull ends over hoop and through the center of ribbon Pull ends tight Hang or attach a Halloween or Fall decoration and it's ready for your door