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Happy re-Launch Day!

 3.21.2021 - Happy re-Launch Day! Creating Crafty Things is back! Here are CCT we are not talking about or acknowledging the you know what that is going on in the world...we are here to forget and CREAT!!!  I am excited to be back and creating things. For my first project I made something easy. It is for Spring time; Wooden Spool Carrots. There is a short list of supplies that has been listed on the first picture then followed by how to paint and add the pipe cleaner stems....Ta - da, all done.  I am looking forward to creating lot of projects with you. Some classics, some unique, and some challenging. I am working on getting my video equipment up and running. I’m taking things slow and easy. There is no pressure to rush back in a hurry. So, some posts will be pictures with instruction like this one and others will be videos. I may have mentioned in my post a couple of weeks ago that I opened an account on Twitch as well. I’m going to give that a try as well, once the video equipment i

Re-Launching of Creating Crafty Things

 HELLOOOO Everyone -  I have missed posting for ya’ll so much. I was a away for a good reason though. I went back to school (CSUSM) to update my Human Resources Management Certificate. I passed with flying colors (Hahaha - A’s & B’s) on Feb. 25.2021. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to do it again. Their HR Management Program give such valuable skills that can be used in the workplace. that school is done, I am  re-launch Creating Crafty Things and that date is set for; Sunday, March 21, 2021! Mark your calendars. Sundays will also be posting day of pre-recorded videos. It is going to take me a little bit to get a routine, so I hope you will be able to hang in there with me while I work it all out. I have a list of great projects we are going to do together. I even started a Twitch account so you can watch the projects being created live. If you haven’t heard of Twitch before, it is a platform that is used by many to be live and in person while doing crafts li