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Die Cutting Machines

 Hello Crafters - 

I have been thinking about getting a die cutting machine. I have looked at a few different brands and Sissix is the one that stands out to me the most. I like the way it looks and how easy it looks to use. I am having trouble deciding which one to get. I like the Big Shot Starter kit (2nd picture). Only thing with that one is the it comes with die cuts that I don’t I will use. I also like the Sidekick (3rd picture). I like a couple of the dies that it coms with (heart and the tag) My only issue with this one is that the cutting area is small and I think I may grow out of that size quickly. Finally, I like just the plain ol’ Big Shot, all by itself (1st picture). It comes with the basic parts, platform and cutting pads. This way I can buy the dies I want and and know that I won’t grow out of the cutting area so quickly. 

I have some ideas for this machine. One being, the past few years I have been having themed Christmas trees. This year (2021) I was thinking of doing a snowflake theme. Having the cutting machine will help me in many ways. I can use several different kings of things to cut on, like material. 

Now the hard part…….which one do I pick?