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Selling Crafts

 Hello Crafters! I hope this post finds you doing well and getting ready for the holidays. I am slowly getting there. We got out tree last weekend and I have been decorating a little bit each night when I get home from work.  I wanted to run something past ya’ll. Just recently I have been wanting to sell one of my craft items I make (see photo). I really enjoy making these wreaths. They are easy to make. I am trying to start an Etsy shoppe, but that has been and up and down battle. I am not able to devote a whole day to trying to learn it algorithms, so my learning is spotty. When i think I have something figure out, it doesn’t work or nothing happens. I wish there was a website or a short class people like me can take to learn this stuff. I consider myself pretty savvy with website and such, but I do have to say that one is got me stumped a little. If you know of anyone or anyplace that can help me, please let me know in the comments. Now on to the fun stuff….crafts! The wreaths are m