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Selling Crafts

 Hello Crafters!

I hope this post finds you doing well and getting ready for the holidays. I am slowly getting there. We got out tree last weekend and I have been decorating a little bit each night when I get home from work. 

I wanted to run something past ya’ll. Just recently I have been wanting to sell one of my craft items I make (see photo). I really enjoy making these wreaths. They are easy to make. I am trying to start an Etsy shoppe, but that has been and up and down battle. I am not able to devote a whole day to trying to learn it algorithms, so my learning is spotty. When i think I have something figure out, it doesn’t work or nothing happens. I wish there was a website or a short class people like me can take to learn this stuff. I consider myself pretty savvy with website and such, but I do have to say that one is got me stumped a little. If you know of anyone or anyplace that can help me, please let me know in the comments.

Now on to the fun stuff….crafts!

The wreaths are my newest adventure and the are fun. Kind of one of those crafts where you can do it while watching TV. 

I am selling them and make different colors. Right now I have an all pink one and all white one done - see photo. They are just plan wreaths and was thinking of putting on my Etsy store personalization available for additional cost.

I will be making a red from fuzzy yarn (I hope the yarn works, I am not sure it will. It is not a thick as macrame cord. But, that is part of ones crafting adventure, try to see if something works. Sometimes you never know what will come of it. I also have plans to make a mint green wreath.  I don’t want to get too ahead of myself with all the colors. I need to see if the wreaths are going to sell. If you are interested in buying one, please go to my Etsy shoppe and place and order.

Today is December 15, 2021. I started to blog post above last week and didn’t get a chance to finish it. Some things have happened. I tried the red yarn, it did not work. I did however use red macrame cord, that that came out great. I just need to finish it up and I will post it on my Etsy store. 

I hope you will take a look at my Etsy store and keep checking back. 

Thanks for reading and stopping by my B/Vlog. 

Happy Crafting!